Code of Conduct

Ethical behavior and personal and professional integrity in our corporate culture

Preserving your trust as a customer is the most important thing for us.

BBVA Bancomer promotes strict principles and standards of ethical conduct with the Code of Conduct for all employees and managers of the Group. It is a safe behavior guide to maintain the best standards of integrity and honesty, which is framed within the objective of reinforcing the principles of Business ethics in accordance with international best practices.

BBVA Bancomer’s Code of Conduct is in line with the principles of its corporate governance system, the BBVA Experience and its corporate culture. The Code is the concrete expression of one of its corporate principles: "ethical behavior and personal and professional integrity as a way of understanding and developing our activity".

The Code, applicable to all entities that make up Grupo Financiero BBVA Bancomer, is based on four key ethical values:

  • Respect for the dignity and rights of the person
  • Respect for the equality of people and their diversity
  • Strict compliance with legality
  • Professional Objectivity

In this regard, the Code is articulated around corporate integrity in three basic areas:

Relational Integrity: It specifies the commitments and characterizes the guidelines that govern BBVA Bancomer's relationships with its customers, employees, suppliers and society in general

Market Integrity: Establishes criteria of action whose objective is to preserve the integrity and transparency of markets and free competition

Personal Integrity: Establishes action guidelines aimed at guaranteeing the professional objectivity of employees and managers, and fostering a respectful, transparent and committed working environment with the business objectives of BBVA Bancomer, customer service and society.

Finally, the Code establishes the Compliance function, configured by a Corporate Compliance Department and a set of departments integrated in the different business units of the Group, and establishes a structure of Corporate Integrity Management Committees. These two elements become key factors in BBVA Bancomer's Organizational Integrity and focus its activities on the specific objective of ensuring effective compliance with the Code.

Our Code of Conduct translates into a commitment to loyalty with our clients, since it is one more element that helps to protect your heritage and your privacy.

What does this represent?

The Code of Conduct establishes for all our employees, strict standards of ethical behavior as a way to understand and develop our activities and endorses the commitment for the appropriate safeguarding of our clients' information and the effective limitation of their use as foreseen in the legal provisions.

BBVA Bancomer Financial Group Code of Conduct